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Thermomix Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Hollandaise Sauce is a classic creamy sauce made from egg yolks and butter. It is used to add a delicious finishing touch to dishes. Traditionally it is served with asparagus, fish and seafood, or for topping poached eggs for Eggs Benedict.


This Hollandaise recipe uses just 3 ingredients (plus seasoning). Egg yolks Butter Lemon juice Salt & black pepper Cayenne Pepper


Making Hollandaise in the Thermomix is super simple.

First, melt the butter and set aside. Then add the butterfly to the mixing bowl, toss in the remaining ingredients and let it work its magic for 7 minutes while you slowly pour the melted butter onto the lid.

Hollandaise Sauce is perfect for the following dishes:


– Eggs Benedict – Eggs Florentine – Drizzled over grilled portobello mushrooms – Drizzled over crispy roast potatoes or boiled new potatoes – Served with fish, particularly salmon.. etc,

Once you have made the Hollandaise sauce, simply add a tablespoon of creme fraiche or whipped cream and you will have a Mousseline sauce. Fantastique!

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