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Thermomix Meringues Recipe 

Making meringue in the Thermomix is super simple and this easy recipe takes just a few minutes.


Start by whizzing up the sugar - you can make meringue with caster sugar as it is, but I think it mixes in even better if you grind it further.

Set the sugar aside and ensure the bowl is completely clean and dry before you place egg whites in there.

Whether you pipe your meringues or use a spoon to make small circles on the baking tray is completely up to you and depends whether you are going for a more refined or more rustic look.


To make meringue kisses, put the meringue mixture into a piping bag with a large piping tip. Wilton 1M is my go-to. One short, sharp squeeze on the piping bag is usually enough for each meringue kiss. Full Recipe on the Blog!

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