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Thermomix Naan Bread Recipe

This Thermomix Naan Bread is super easy to make and is perfect for serving up alongside your homemade curries.

Thermomix Naan Bread Recipe

Make the dough and allow it to rise until doubled in size. This will take 1-2 hours depending on how warm your house is. 

– Now take each piece of dough and form it into ball, as though you were making bread rolls. And then flatten each dough ball slightly with the heel of your hand.

– Place the naan into the hot pan. After a few seconds it will start to bubble up. Check the underside to see when it is nicely browned (this should only take around a minute) then flip it over.

Now remove it from the pan and brush it with some melted butter while it is still hot. Serve and enjoy!

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