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Thermomix Pizza Dough Recipe 

This Thermomix Pizza Dough is so easy to make and results in such delicious pizzas, that you'll be having pizza night at home every week!

Thermomix pizza dough Recipe

Once your dough has risen, you are ready to get started! Firstly you need to punch down your dough - this just means to push it down to get all the air out of it.

Next you need to divide the dough into four and roll it out to make your homemade pizza base. Make sure you have plenty of flour on your kitchen surface and dust your rolling pin with flour too.

Now transfer your rolled out pizza base to a pizza stone or tray, cover with pizza sauce, sprinkle over your toppings and cheese - and it's ready for the oven!


For my pizzas, I roll them quite thin and use a pizza stone and they usually take around 10 minutes to cook. Just check on them and take them out when you think they look ready.

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