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Thermomix Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

The red velvet cupcake is quite unique when it comes to cupcakes. It is not just a chocolate cupcake with added red food coloring as a lot of people think. The best red velvet cupcakes have more of a buttery vanilla flavor with just a hint of chocolate.

The other thing that makes these popular cupcakes different from others is the slightly sourness of the batter that comes from buttermilk and vinegar. This red velvet recipe also uses sour cream.

I prefer to freeze cupcakes without frosting. I pop them in an airtight freezer bag and try to use within 3 months.


If you want to freeze the cupcakes with frosting, then they will be better in an airtight container with a lid - but make sure the dish is deep enough so the frosting isn't squashed by the lid.

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