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Thermomix Vegetable Soup Recipe


Making veggie soup in the Thermomix is very quick and easy. There is a little preparation involved with roughly chopping the vegetables, but the rest is all done by the Thermomix.


Start by roughly chopping the vegetables (these will be further chopped in the Thermomix so no need to make them even) and dicing the potatoes into roughly 2cm pieces.

Step 1: Preparation

Start by chopping the onions, garlic, vegetables and parsley.

Step 2: Making the Soup

Then add the potatoes and oil and saute for 5 minutes.

Next you add the stock, season with salt & pepper and allow it to cook away for 20 minutes.

Once this has finished, you just blend it for one minute to make it smooth and creamy. Then serve while still piping hot.

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